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Life's Potential Hypnotherapy Clinic.

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Close to the City Centre
...and yet Ideal for relaxation.


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Hypnosis CD's by Elliott Wald

  -  Professional audio hypnosis CD's 'one of the UK's 10 leading Hypnotherapists' (Independent on Sunday).
 - Natural, complementary and holistic health & lifestyle site with products, services, news, articles and events
  - Mark Jordan, an addiction specialist of 16 years, invites you to stop smoking and to break the chains forever.

"This amazing totally free stop smoking book gives you easy to follow guidelines and a set of tasks that ensures you will break free from your nicotine addiction "

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*Any and all medical conditions should be treated by a Qualified Medical Doctor.*
*Please seek qualified medical advice*.
Successful, lasting results may require several hypnotherapy sessions. You may be required to listen to an audio tape of your session for reinforcement. You are responsible for actively cooperating with, and participating in, the success of your program. Neither Michael Griffiths nor Life's Potential shall be held accountable for the results you attain. You may have your hypnosis program terminated if deemed appropriate by Life's Potential. 

All information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential.

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